CH Travis Ricochette

sire: Lochdene Copper Kettle
dam: Travis Billie Jean

901101- 010214

Pedigree: see below

Lovis was an elegant but still a classical cocker spaniel


She won her CC:s on three shows in row when she was 3 years old.

 Lovis got her CC:s from the judges;

  • Mr Paul Stanton, SKK Stockholm

  • Mrs Brita Nordenstedt, SKK Västerås

  • Mr Jostein Halvorsen, SKK Skara

Most of the judges, both Swedish, British and others, appericiated her for her lovely movements and elegance combined with a classical expression.

In 1996 "Lovis" best of opposite sex for Joukko Leiviskä (SF) on SKK Västerås. To the left is her father Lochdene Copper Kettle who won BOB.






As older she became, the more she seemed to enjoy the shows. In summer -98 the judge Mr Hans Lehtinen wrote:

" Well done bitch, very beautiful head, beautiful neck and topline, good body, flowing movement, very beautiful sihlouett. As a veteran, she is in an amazing condition". (my translation)


Lovis, 8 years old, in Skokloster -98. Finales in the veteran- and field trial classes. She was placed on a 3:rd respectively on a 4:th place in each class in the finale.



Field trials

Lovis had a fantastic way of moving in the field and I had a long time great expectations on her as a follower to my old Travis It´s A Black-Out. She moved with ease and good pace. In addition, she often proved to be a good gamefinder. However, she proved also rather quickly to have her own mind and her "will to please" did not always agree with the standards of field trials. She had a great desire to do her things in her own way and seemed not see the necessity to wait for me. 

Lovis did although enter the field trial once. This took place in the state of Hässelbyholm, and this resulted in a second price in the "new-beginners" stake, despite that she performed worse than ever considering pace and style. But she found her game, was fully steady and did a very good retrieve for a partridge hen. Mr Karl Blomqvist from Finland judged and he wrote on her remarks;

"The dog did an excellent work on a wounded partridge hen, which were flushed, shot and run about 40 meters before the dog get to it and then delivered it to hand. This dog is able to achive a better price with more luck and with better condition." (my translation)


901117 - 010214

Lochdene Copper Kettle

Lochdene Cornelius

GBSHCH Sorbrook Beechnut

GBSHCH Janeacre Night Skiper of Helenwood
Sorbrook Sweet Pepper

Lochdene Pipette

Craigallian Candidate
Lochdene Huggy Bear

Lochdene  Sylphide

Quettadene Redwing

GBSHCH Kavora Blackbird
Quettadene Fascination

Lochdene Mrs Puddle Duck

Craigallian Candidate
Lochdene Huggy Bear

Travis Billie Jean

Nuch SV -89 Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure 

Nuch NV-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike

V-75 Astrawin Apollo
Int SFNuch Leavenworth Party Piece

SFuch Leavenworth Secret Kisses

NV-82 Bidston Solomon
Int SFNuch Leavenworth Butter Kiss

Travis Wishing Star 

Intuch SFuch Nuch NV-81 NV-83 Harwenprince Evening Star

GBSHCH Chrisolin Cambiare of Styvechale
Harwenprince Morning Star

Travis Marie Celeste

Nuch Deewell Senator
Nuch Celeste of Helenwood

Intuch = IInternational Show Champion
Such = Swedish Show Champion including field trial merit
Su(u)Ch = Swedish Show Champion
GBSHCH = British Show Champion
SFuch = Finish Show Champion
Nuch = NNorweigan Show Champion
SV = Swedish Winner
NV = Norwegian Winner