Su(u)Ch  Nuch  
Travis Able and Willing

  2000-03-03 - 2006-12-17
sire: Su(u)ch, Nuch Travis Vital Spark
dam: Su(u)ch Travis Hell No
breeder: Kari Haave

 pedigree: see below

Abel gained his CC:s from:
Ritva Raita, (SF) SKK 2001
Moa Persson (S) SSRK 2001
Kresten Scheel, (DK), SSRK 2001
Kari Granaas Hansen, (N), NKK, 2001
Valerie Foss (UK) SKK, 2002

Abel - was a happy chap!

"Abel" was a very happy fellow and seemed to enjoy life to bits. He was constantly on the move and never turned down a good run-about with his fellow-mates in the kennel. Water was his element and retrieving his speciality. Everything could be carried and retrieved - balls, shoes, waterbowls (preferably with water), rabits, pheasants, dummies, bottles, buckets - yes, just name it! In the show ring he was full of joy and loved to show himself . As a conclusion "Abel" was a very happy and lively cocker. He was not showed so often but enough to received the titles of Swedish and Norweigan Show Champion. 


Water is fun in every form! 

Abel loved to be helpful with every task preferably including things thrown in some way. Every year we get quite a lot of snow, at least a few times every winter - and did this cocker love this! When we tried to showel the snow away he seemed to think that he was very helpful as he wanted to take part in every single time the snow was thrown away. It was actually rather annoying to have the dog on the showel when the mission is to clear the ground from the snow as quickly as possible. Abel himself didn't seem to understand that his eager to be helpful was not always appreciated. A good play with his kennelfriends in the snow was another thing that he never refused to participate in. 




Abel  had full attention on the snow that is showeled away. Full action from winter -01 

Abel's litters

During the past three year, Abel have had ten litters

Year Bitch Kennel   Puppies Coulours of the puppies
2002 Ch Travis Heavy Demand (orange roan) Travis 4 red, orange
2002 Whoops A Daisy (blue roan) Almanza 7 black, red, blue, orange
2003 Usemade Hat Trick (black) Barecho 6 black, red
2004 Ch Manacas Main Attraction (black) Manacas 4 black, red
2004 Ch Wedeltas Magic Beauty (black & tan) Fancy Paws 8 black, red black & tan
2004 Lellekis Busy Sunshine (red) Leelekis 4 red
2004 Frosty Mornings Ninetta (red) Frosty Mornings 1 red
2005 Hasam´s Always On My Mind (red) Hasam's 4 red
2006 Shimmerian Emerald (black & tan) Shimmerian 4 redt, black, black & tan
2006 Usemade On High Heels (red) Usemade 4 redt

On the 14th of December 2006, Abel became suddenly sick and underwent surgery for an invagination of the bowel on the 15th. He recovered well from the surgery but on the 16th complications occurred and he died in the night to the 17th. Although I have had quite a few dogs over the years, I have never felt such a great loss of any as I do of Abel. His great character made him so special to me. I really, really miss him...

Abel's pedigree

Abels predigree includes some of my absolute favourites with  Ch Travis Vital Spark (Edvin) and Ch Travis Hell No (Thea) as parents. Edvin is also father to Ch Travis Wake Up and Dream, one of my favourite bitches also presented on her own page. The pedigree is presented below. 

Travis Vital Spark


 Pedigree Su(u)Ch, Nuch Travis Able and Willing

SU(u)Ch, Nuch Travis Vital Spark

Nuch Tomboys Tailor Made

Such Nuch Intuch  
Tomboys Try to Night

Nuch Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Such Intuch Nuch Tomboys Just for You

Such Tomboys Brown 
Betty Brown

Such Paradise Chocolatesonnet

Travis Neon Lights

Nuch SV -89 Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure

Nuch NV-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike
INT SFUch Leavenworth Secret Kisses 

Travis Fool's Game

Nuch Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Travis Foolish Pleasure

Su(u)Ch Travis Hell No

SU(u)Ch SV-96, Travis Touch Mark

Beligar Midas Touch

GBSHCH Cleavehill Pot of Gold
Kelford Black Magic

Travis Loch Lomond

Su(u)Ch, SV-95 Lochdene Copper Kettle
 NUCh NV-94 Travis Double Up

Travis Rising Hell

Beligar Midas Touch GBSHCH Cleavehill Pot of Gold
Kelford Black Magic
Travis Hell's Angel  

Such = Swedish showchampion (with field trial merits)
Su(u)Ch = Swedish showchampion
(without field trial merits)
Nuch = Norwegian showchampion
SFuch = Finnish showchampion
Intuch = International Show Champion
GBSHCH = British showchampion
SV = Swedish Winner
NV = Norwegian Winner