SUCH Travis It´s A Black-Out

sire: Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure
dam: Travis Wild Gossip
breeder: Kari Haave  

Pedigree: see below


Travis It´s A Black-Out - Oskar - was my first cocker spaniel and he became my great friend and teacher. He had the unique - beauty and talant for hunting. We went to shows and on field trials. Oskar became show champion and oskarsitt.JPG (22280 bytes) many of the judges appreciated his classical and compact outline. He won his CC:s for;

  • Ed Croud (AUS), SKK Göteborg

  • Hans Lehtinen (SF), SKK Stockholm

  • Rae Furness (GB), SSRK, Ultuna

In the autume the shooting days occupaid the weekends. He was a keen companion on formal pheasant shoots.  All these shooting days gave him a great experience in finding game and to be the devoted retriever he was. The autume was the shooting time and the fur had to be cut off just to be in full lenght again in april when showtime was round the corner.He was, as many show-cockers, a very good dog in tracing wounded game as deer and moose. 

Although he was found to have serious hip dysplasia when he was only 11 months old, he lived in 12,5 years, with many, many hours of hunting behind him. In May -98 he went on to the eternal hunting fields, where I guess he will have infinite days of hunting ahead of him.  

 A cocker as Oskar one wish everyone would have the possibility to experience!


In field trials, Oskar got to the "elitklass" (the highest class in Swedish field trials) rather quickly and won one 1:st price and six 2:nd prices. Why he got so many second prices was probably due to the fact he entered so many shooting days and it resulted in some amount of independence which can be devasting on field trials where the demands require more co-operation with the handler. However, he had a very soft mouth which delivered a great number of running phesants.

Oskar was a very soft and kind dog without loosing character. He was exactly as a cocker should be - one shall never know to 100 % what he´s up to. As an example: In the international field trial in Näsbyholm, in southern Sweden when Mr Charlie Johnsson judged, Oskar entered the trial and had to go for a long time, although I tried to end it as I was rather sure that he any moment would do something nasty in a cockery manner. Well, as the judge didn´t want to interrupt the trial, Oskar met my desire and ended the field trial with full chase after a hare, over open field so every one could see him, and he was not quiet when he had his chase!  The judge gave me a comfort-reward, as he despite the "chase-cirkus", saw good qualities in the dog. It was warming as I felt most embarrassed. 

Oskar won his prices in "elite class" in the following field trials;

1:st Gunnar Romare, Läckö, -89
2:nd Gunnar Petersson, Frötuna Gård, -89
2:nd Erik Björne, Brevens Bruk -89
2:nd Bengt Pettersson, Brevens Bruk -90
2:nd Curt Hjalmarson Boström, Frötuna Gård -91
2:nd Jörgen Sandberg, Brevens Bruk, -91
2:nd Henry Hammarlund, Björkvik, -92


 1986 -1998

Nuch SV-89

Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure

Nuch NV-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike

V-75 Astrawin Apollo

GBSHCH Astrawin Authentic

GBSHCH Astrawin Arkadina

Int SFuch Nuch Leavenworth Party Piece

Int Norduch Birthday Boy of Broomleaf

Intuch Scotswood Belinda

Int SFuch Leavenworth Secret Kisses

NV-82 Bidston Solomon

Kenavon Black Ace of Cilleine

Misbourne Saneeta

Int SFuch Nuch Leavenworth Butter Kiss

GBSHCH Nuch Lochranza Farmer´s Boy

Int SFuch Nuch Leavenworth Lucky Choice

Travis Wild Gossip

Nuch Travis Tribute to Helenwood

Nuch Deewell Senator

GBSHCH Serenader of Styvechale

Beture Belle Reviere of Deewell

Nuch Celeste of Helenwood

Claytoner Blue Peter

Claytoner Mary Loo

Travis Bright Idea

GBSHCH Broomleaf Bright Memory

GBSHCH Benedict of Broomleaf

Butter Candy of Broomleaf

Notluon Luelle

Bidston Quill

Sorbrook Lucky Charm

Such =  Swedish Show Champion including field trial merit
Nuch =  Norweigan Show Champion
SFuch =  Finnish Show Champion
Norduch =   Nordic Show Champion
Intuch =   International Show Champion
GBSHCH =  British Show Champion
SV = S Swedish Winner
NV =   Norweigan Winner