Su(u)ch, Nuch, SV-01, Nord-01
Travis Wake Up and Dream 
sire: Ch Travis Vital Spark
dam: Travis Double Dream
1998 01 09
- 2010 06 08
                   pedigree: see below                          

"Mina" was a Swedish and a Norweigan show champion, Swedish winner -01and Nordic winner  -01. She had a very sweet temperament and in the show ring the handler really had a delightful task to fulfil. Mina loved to show herself and as a handler one just had to follow her when she seemed to say: Look up, here I come. She was very shortcoupled but had no problem to greatly cover the ground - actually a judge said it was not typical for a cocker to cover the ground as greatly as she did at the time - (however, one can wonder how such a statement is possible from a judge)  

Show career

During spring -00 Mina moved from her breeder Kari Haave to kennel Meryl. Mina needed some time to grow into her body and when this was done it was a good time we had in the show rings. She got her CC:s during June and July 2000 from the following judges:  

- Marianne Fürst Danielsson (S) SKK
- Tore Fossum (N) SKK
- Per Svarstad (S) SKK
- Helle Dan Pålssen (DK) FKK

The peak for both Mina and me was on the Stockholm Nordic Winner show 2001. Out of 110 cockers, the judge Mrs Kari Granaas Hansen put us up for BOB. The picture to the right shows the line up for the bitches where Mina and I is third from back.  

Additionaly Mina was placed as third among the Group 8 dogs in the finals. The picture below shows a part of the line-up from the group-finals. This time the breeder Kari Haave showed her to Minas best.  

Mina's previous litters

Mina had three litters, 2002, 2003 and 2005. In spring -02 she got a litter out of Nuch Classicway Coat of Arms. This litter was bred by Kari Haave. When she came back to us at kennel Meryl, Mina decided to move in to the house and refused to live in the kennel with the other dogs. We have all the old dogs in the house (and bitches when they are in season). Now she was determined. She moved in as a real petdog - doing exacly as she likes and when she likes - BUT - she are not allowed to sleep in our beds - there goes my limit. In the first litter she got five puppies of which three have been showed with good results. One of the bitches, Travis Hold on to Your Dreams is show champion in several countries and got the title of World Winner in 2006. One of the dogs, Travis Fool for You have gained a CC and the third puppy, a bitch, Travis Face the Music have got several CK (ChampionQuality-awards).   

The second litter Mina got in 2003. In 2002 I was at Crufts and saw GBShCh IrShCh  Wilholme Mystic Memory of Wilmerella (picture to the right). A blue dog similar in type to Mina. So, Mina and I took the car through Europe and went for the boyfriend in England. In this litter she had five puppies.

Mina´s third litter came in 2005 with Ch Almanca Uncontrollable (picture to the left) He is a son of Ch Travis Able and Willing. Four blue roan puppies in this litter. One of them, Meryl Dreams vs Reality (picture below), has gained a tracking Champion title and several CK (ChampionQuality-awards).


SU(u)Ch, NUCh, NordV-01, SV-01
Travis Wake Up and Dream 

SU(u)Ch, Nuch Travis Vital Spark

Nuch Tomboys Tailor Made

Such Nuch Intuch  
Tomboys Try to Night

Nuch Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Such Intuch Nuch Tomboys Just for You

Such Tomboys Brown 
Betty Brown

Such Paradise Chocolatesonnet

Travis Neon Lights

Nuch SV -89 Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure

Nuch NV-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike
INT SFUch Leavenworth Secret Kisses 

Travis Fool's Game

Nuch Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Travis Foolish Pleasure

Travis Double Dream

Beligar Midas Touch

GBSHCH Cleavehill 
Pot of Gold

Beligar Pot Black
Canyonn Cristina

Kelford Black Magic

Kelford Dark Secret
Kelford Black Bloomers

Nuch Nordv -94 Travis Double Up

Nuch Travis Simply Red Nuch Dewell Senator
Nuch Celeste of Helenwood
Travis Billie Jean Nuch SV-89 Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure
Travis Wishing Star  

Such = Swedish showchampion (with field trial merits)
Su(u)Ch = Swedish showchampion
(without field trial merits)
Nuch = Norwegian showchampion
SFuch = Finnish showchampion
Intuch = International Show Champion
GBSHCH = British showchampion
SV = Swedish Winner
NV = Norwegian Winner
NordV = Nordic Winner