SE U(u)Ch, NO Ch
Travis Face Factor


e: Nuch S(u)ch, SW-07 NW-07
Travis Miles of Smiles
u: Travis Face the Music
born: 2008 08 07

Hips: A
Eyetested: normal (20110323)
optigen-tested prcd-PRA: normal/clear
FN-tested: normal
Breeder and co-owner: Kari Haave


Factor is still a youngster and with great confident. As a puppy he adopted without any doubts the wachteldog Bruno as his mentor among all the spaniels in the kennel Bruno became Factors big idol - where Bruno went, Factor also went. Growing up he has become more independent and acts as a playmate to any puppy who is willing to play with him. Not always in the most gentle way, but always with the best of intentions. The pictures above shows Factor at the age of 7 and 12 weeks (photos by Kari Haave), to the left at one year and below at 2,5 years age at the prestigious "Skokloster-show" 2011 when he became BOB judged by Irene Glenn.












Factor is not only a very free mover - he is also a very free and happy soul always investigeting and approaching new environments, new people and other dogs, preferably from other breeds, with great interest. Up till now (summer 2011) he has gained the titles Swedish and Norweigan Show Champion and also four CACIBs. The crown of his career was when he won group 8 at the Norweigan international show at Kristiansand in May 2011, handled by his breeder and co-owner Mrs Kari Haave.


Below some photos when i entered the open class 2010 09 11 for the first time (photos:Hannah Säveholm)