The kennel

The policy for us is to breed dogs of the best quality possible  and that the dogs will have the best "dog-life" as possible. A "dog-life" meaning to live with other dogs and humans, to be taken care of with love and maybe the most important - to have the leadership and activity the dog needs. 

Some cockers visiting the kennel

There are six boxes (4-10m2) each of them holding  a gang of spaniels. It is pleasing to note that visiting dogs (friends on visit with their dogs or dogs for training) seems to enjoy their visit  in the kennel, although it is often quite different from what they are used to from their owners. To each box is a small pen. In addition, the dogs are let out in our fenced garden (10.000 square meters) for a good run for about 1 hour, four times a day.     


Old dogs lives in the house with us and become rather spoiled. The bitches are also inside when they come into season.  

All puppies are born inside the house (in a guestroom) where the bitch and the newborn puppies can be undisturbed for at least 3-4 weeks. They proceed with a couple of weeks in the kitchen and finally out into the kennel. The pups are gradually aquinted to the other dogs and all kinds of noice and things that happens normally in a household.

Our other dogs seem to take care of the new pups the best way. The small ones learn how to behave, that some older dogs are fun, others one should be careful with and some are just kind. The pups have a special box with a pen made for them, partly with gravel bed, partly with grass (picture to the left). The wooden fence allow the pups to see what happens in the garden.