sire: Wernffrwd Rhidian
dam: SJCh Ebony Slice

breeder: Hans Erik Sjöblom
  93 08 17 - 03 12 30

Pedigree: see below

Ellen had a genuine british pedigree with successful kennels represented in it, e.g. Wernffrwd, Gwibernant, Jordieland.

Ellen was charactarized by a very strong hunting ability and seemed never loose pace. The tempo and energy were always at top and as the judge Mr Erik Eckhardt de Mant concluded his impression of her performance on the Swedish Cocker Spaniel Club field trial championship  1996;  

"She is an exceptionally eyecatching dog!"

She  started on field trials 18 times, of which she achieved 11 first price. 

(In Sweden the dogs are rewarded with quality-prices; the performances are judged without competition. The dogs can get a 1st price if they are judged to do a very good work, a 2nd price with minor mistake , and a 3rd price if there are some mistakes and of course not of disqualifying nature. If the dogs does disqualifying mistakes they don´t get any price. There are also different classes in which the dogs enter, as they achive their merits from previous class).

Results: Vagnmakarens Ellen 

TOTAL 18 trials
and these were rewarded with;  
11  first prices - 
5 with honour prices (HP)
4  second prices
 1  third price

In 1996 Ellen won the Cocker Championship arranged by the Swedish Cocker Spaniel Club.
The judge, Mr Erik Eckhardt de Mant had the following comments of her performance:

"This dog is an exceptionally eyecatching dog. Flashing quester, completely steady, excellent gamefinder and retriever. In one word - a champion!" (my translation)

In 1997 Ellen was placed 4th on the official Spaniel Championship judged by Mr Ian Openshaw, Great Britian, 1999 she was second, jugded by Mr Keith Carter  (GB) and 2000 once again second for Mr David Pope (GB)
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The awards she have gained over the years have been distributed as follows;

Place Judge Award
1994 (youth class)
Lindholm Nils Egerlund (DK) 2
Myrö Björn Ovesen (DK) 1 + HP
Hässelbyholm Charlie Johnson (S) 2
1995 (open class)
Lindholm Rolf Lindgren (S) 2
Myrö Carsten Ovesen (DK) 1 + HP
Hässelbyholm Björn Ovesen (DK) 1 + HP
1996 (elite class)
Myrö Henry Hammarlund (S) 1
Hässelbyholm Rolf Näslud (S) 1
Cocker club championship Erik Eckhard de Mant (S) winner
1997 (elite class)
Yxtabäcken Björn Ovesen (DK) 3
Wij Bert Johansson 2
Gävle Kalle Blomqvist (SF) 1 + HP
Djursnäs Carsten Ovesen (DK) 1
Edeby Erik Björne (S) 1
Spaniel Championship Ian Openshaw (GB) 4th place
1998 (elite class)
Trolle Ljungby Mike Shefford (GB) 1
Segersjö Björn Ovesen (DK) 1
Öster Malma Jörgen Sandberg (S)  0
Cocker Championship Keith Carter (GB) 2nd place
Cocker Championship David Pope (GB) 2nd place
Hässelbyholm Keith Carther (GB) 0

HP = Honor price

Vagnmakarens Ellen was not a Swedish Field Trial Champion as during the time she entered field trials, it was necessary to have a merit from shows before you could get the title. Since july 2001 this rule is changed but no titels are given retrospectively. Today you get the title field trial champion when the dog has been awarded with 3 first prices from "elit klass" (open stakes). Before july 2001 you needed 3 first prices from "elit klass" and at least a second quality price from an official dog-show. Ellen have 8 first prices from field trials and a third price from a dog-show which was not good enough. 


 93 08 17-
03 12 30



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SJCH = Swedish Field Trial Champion
GBFTCH = British Field Trial Champion